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Mini Asphalt Paver PAVIJET MG6 (Reverse Driving)

Mini Asphalt Paver PAVIJET MG6 (Backward/Forward Driving)

The mini paver PAVIJET MG6 is a patented machine with compact dimensions that brings innovation to the asphalt paving sector as it has n. 2 retractable lateral screeds.

The Pavijet MG6 is ideal for the paving of particular construction sites with gravel, sand, stones, asphalt (hot/ old) and even concrete, such as:

  • cycle tracks
  • sidewalks
  • pavements
  • parking lots
  • driveways
  • garden and park path
  • utility trenches
  • sand in courtyards for interlocking bricks
  • flat concrete layers in worksites
  • road repairs


The mini asphalt paver Pavijet MG6 comes with the ability to move backward, useful for sidewalks where there is a lack of operating lateral space. The concept is the same as for the MG7, however the MG6 features two retractable screeds instead, with paving width from 15.75″ to 90.55″ (0.40 to 2.3m ). The capacity of the hopper is 1.57 cubic yards (1.2 cubic meters). The thickness of the layout is up to 4.72″ (120 mm).

The paver can be coupled to any skid/track steer loader with a minimum of 20 Hp (15 Kw). The skid loader must have a pump of at least 40/60 lt/min and 180 bar of pressure. The oil is supplied by the hydraulic system of the skid loader. The machine is directly controlled by the operator on the skid loader and by a small remote control. The feeding of the material inside the hopper can be done directly from the truck on the right or left side.


ADVANTAGES of the mini asphalt paver Pavijet MG6:

  • Cost effective (cheaper than any other mini paver)
  • Better paving widths and thicknesses
  • High working speed
  • Lays all type of material, asphalt, concrete, gravel, sand, macadam
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to be filled up from the side
  • Totally hydraulic
  • No maintenance required
  • Very compact dimensions

FEATURES of the mini asphalt paver Pavijet MG6:

  • Telescopic hydraulic screed paving width 0.4m to 2.3m (15.75" to 90.55")
  • Easy to attach on skid loaders or loaders
  • Hydraulic hopper loadable from truck at front/side
  • Hopper capacity 1.2 mc (1.57 Cubic Yards or 42.38 C. Feet)
  • Laying thickness up to 120 mm (4.72")
  • Screed heating by liquid gas
  • Central hydraulic conveying
  • CE certified
  • International patent


We are looking for dealers all over the world to distribute our innovative mini asphalt pavers Pavijet and our Sprayers. Do contact us for further info and conditions.