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Pavijet FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the patented mini pavers PAVIJET MG6 and PAVIJET MG7

What is the difference between the mini asphalt pavers PAVIJET MG6 and the PAVIJET MG7?

The only differences are explained below:


Working Direction

Paving Width


Hopper capacity

Material discharge




from 0,40 m to 2,30 m

from -5 to 12 cm

1.2  ‎m3

skid loader

650 Kg



from 0,20 m to 1,90 m

from -5 to 25 cm

1.4  ‎m3

directly from the truck

720 Kg

What type of material can I use with the Pavijet mini pavers?

We can lay any material: hot and cold asphalt, macadam, concrete (liquid enough), sand, gravel, aggregates.

What kind of paving can I make?

We can make anything like pavements, sidewalks, cycle tracks, pedestrian paths, fiber optics, aqueduct excavations, garden paths, park paths, trenches and small road repairs.

Can I use the Pavijet to make a filling with gravel and then finish it off with asphalt?


On the Pavijet MG7 can I avid obstacles on my way such as trees , poles and signs without changing my direction?

Yes, by retracting the screed and the hopper and by opening them again once the obstacle has been left behind

Can I attach the Pavijet mini pavers to any loader or tractor?

It can easily be attached to any skid loader/tractor with oil flow 40/60 l/min, pressure 180 bar and a loader/tractor width of max mt 2,00 for the MG7 and mt 2,50 for the MG6.

Does the Pavijet have a standard connection to the charger? How is it?

It is standard for all skid loaders; however, for other chargers must be custom-built ( only the mechanical part)

Can we connect the Pavijet to agricultural tractors?

If it meets the above parameters we can fix the MG6 onto the rear of the tractor and MG7 on the front.

Is there a vibration on the screed?

It is not standard but optional; we offer it on both models.

Are the attachments customizable for different machines?

It depends case by case assuming that the above parameters fit.

How is the screed heated?

The machine is supplied with a refillable LPG bottle.

Why are Pavijets equipped with a battery?

To provide a few hours of autonomy; the battery is rechargeable. The energy is provided by an electrical connection, like a cigarette lighter, from the Pavijet to the charger

How does the Pavijet work through the loader/tractor?

From the hydraulic system of the loader/tractor connected to the Pavijet with hydraulic hoses and quick couplings, for delivery and return.

What is the speed of the auger?

It depends on the rpm of the loader/tractor engine; if it accelerates it increases.

How do we fill the hoppers?

On the Pavijet MG7 from the front, directly from the truck or any loader.
On the Pavijet MG6 from the side.

Can we adjust the road surface inclination angle?

Yes, hydraulically.

Should Pavijets be considered attachments or mini pavers?

They are both attachments and mini pavers; however, they can be considered proper pavers or even more being more efficient than the classic ones. We consider them mini pavers as they do the same job of classic mini pavers, although bringing more advantages.

What is the difference between a classic asphalt paver and a Pavijet?

Pavijet does not have its own engine, it is not self propulsive while other machines are. Not having an engine is obviously a great advantage in terms of maintenance/repair.